Monday, 26 May 2008

Carnival Day 2008

Well it's here the day Chris has been looking forward to for days well maybe a month. He was up bright and early and off into town to set up the stall.

So far the weather has been great even managed to get washing out to dry. It's very blowing and cold.

Rugby Stall won first prize for Stalls.

Hannah and Ian doing the hard sell on Gemma

The parade had a pipe band that sounded great.

There were various steamed vehicles, old cars

And also various floats this was the local Brownies, float.

The Rugby club float came first with their Hawaiian theme.

This float had a bar, pool and sand what more could they want. The team spend many nights constructing it and well deserve the win.

The yellow submarine was a great float played Beatles music all the way round.

Hannah Joined Gemma and I to watch the parade we saw the beginning and then went to near the end with a bit of shopping in between.

All in all a good day has been had by all.

Hope your day has been good wherever you are .

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