Saturday, 17 May 2008

I have saved the best till last.

This is Penny Cook

Unfortnately all the puppy pics of Penny are not on the PC. This was taken 2 years ago ( date a give away really ) This is her rightful position on the throne.

Penny came into our lives in June 1996 she was born in the Feb and living at the collie rescue on Anglesey.

After much discussion it was decided that we would have a dog so the search began and here we are 12 years later with the best dog ever ( in our eyes any way ) .

The evening we went to collect her it was decided that Liz and Chris would come and collect her with us.

We arrived and were shown these adorable puppies and its fair to say Penny chose Lizzie.

The journey home began she sat on my lap in the front seat on Ian's yellow work coat. We then started deciding names and were just crossing a bridge called Pen-y so there we have it just added an n and we had a name.

It was soon decided that penny had to be baptized. So with paddling pool full and the children's friends around a Baptism was held with all seriousness. The children chose God parents for Penny and the service began. Some where in the loft there photos of this event

Penny has to this day been the most awful dog in only one area of her life and that is where the postman/lady is concerned she can sense them long before they arrive at our door.Penny has always been a dog that thinks she is a human, why should she sit on the floor when there is a perfectly good sofa . Now that she is getting older she finds laminate floor a bit hard on the old hip joints so quite often has a throw bought down for her to lie on.

penny has always been faithful and loving and extremely sensible unlike Tilly who although extremely loving is not sensible.
Well I am sure that are lots of stories to tell about Penny but this is only an introduction to our pets.
Family News
well there is none really Becky & Carl arrived safely in Malta.
Chris & Hannah at work today.
Liz in Huddersfield having hair done
Ian & I pottering around the house and Garden Oh and I am off in a few minutes to view the Allotment.
The animals as usual are lazing around somewhere.
Hope all is well with you all.

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