Sunday, 1 June 2008

Pre move day move

Well its Sunday 1st June and Ian & I have just got back from Norton Bridgnorth. Spend the time moving the kitchen cupboards well contents of into their new home.

This involved me seeing these egg cups again what a nostalgic trip down memory lane. When I was a little girl I used to eat boiled eggs from these. So as I was unpacking decided to set up a permanent shrine to them.

This is AJ's pig sty no I am not being rude she really does have a pig sty .The shelves you can see have been dismantled by Ian ready to go back into the pantry. The greenhouse is also in there flat pack for now.

Most of the plants are moved now just waiting for Norton's strongest man to come and move 2 big hostas and the Agave. plus another not sure what it is plant.

All looks really bare now. This small area was AJ's garden for 9 months.

After working so hard and moving ALL THE PLATES & BOWLS to the new kitchen we had lunch. This was definitely camping style but tasted great egg mayonnaise made in a saucepan and place mats for plates. Luckily a wine glass had been left out so did not have to drink wine from the bottle altho Ian chose to drink beer from the bottle.

As you can see a feast was had by all.

We had several interruptions as the Cosford air show was on and is only just across the sky and I know you can't see them but the

RED ARROWS are in the sky in this picture honest. And it gives you an idea of the View AJ has to look at every day.
And finally have to include a picture of Princess Tibblesworth this was her relaxing after another hunting trip this time 2 coasters were fetched up stairs.She then had to relax on our bed for a while.

Hope your weekend has been a good one.

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