Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Day 4 of the holidays

Well so far so good got the balance of housework and fun about right.

yesterday went to see Becky with Hannah had a great day.

Got home and Hannah went to work I said I was going to wash paintwork in hall down see said I had the balance right. Ok so I did not manage it just after Hannah left I got a text inviting Tilly to go on a walk , ok I should have sent her on her own but did not feel that was responsible. So having spent a whole nano second deciding we went to the canal then along a fab country route 2 hours later we finished our walk with 3 tired children 2 worn out dogs and owners.
Came home and washed paintwork down.
This morning having taken Tilly to the river for a swim/walk got home and left car open to freshen it up, Tootsie decided to look and see what all the fuss was about going in a car.
Pooh stink I know where Tilly has been!!!!

Ok now whats this for ?

Ok jump in I will take you for a spin.

Ok got to go to shops and get picnic for Tatton flower show with Jean tomorrow.

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