Thursday, 24 July 2008

A Day at Tatton RHS flower show

Decided to have a drink and Muffin before we joined the queue to get in. These Photos will mostly tell their own story. Jean & I had a wonderful day and having left at 8am did not have a single hold up and arrived at the showground 50 minutes before it opened.

Loved these two cat hell and cat heaven.
East meets West

Would love to make this in my garden

This garden was supposed to be for the over 55's oh well I enjoyed it.

The Samaritan Garden , had an uneven footpath to depict that life is not always smooth.

Ok All is well I can still see AJ

Oh no where did this crowd come from and where is AJ

Ah there is the answer AJ has been plant buying.

We decided to have a picnic smoked salmon cream cheese and pesto on wholemeal baguette MM MM followed by white wine and grapes.Oh and Tomatoes from one off the


These vegetables were amazing.

And last but not least this was a municipal garden display Jean and I Loved it.

I hope these Pictures give you a good idea of our day. A day that was full of laughter , sunshine , good company and lovely plants.

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