Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Well today is my last half Wednesday. This year I have been having Wed & Thurs mornings at home , to do house work washing preparing meals you know ha ha as if. The reality is I wake up as normal potter with a duster feed animals make porridge and then go visit my neighbour then its off to work.

Tilly is having Lot's of attention since Penny died, she hates being left alone and keeps looking for her. Yesterday I called her Penny by mistake and her ears pricked up. She still not keen on eating but she will be fine after a while.

I forgot to share the other day , we had the lady from the chocolate shop in town visit us at Rainbows. Nicola talked about chocolate and taught the girls loads like for instance

that Plain chocolate is good for you ( I could change ) . Well we all made a chocolate lollies and decorated them with sweeties yum . As they were not plain chocolate I donated mine to Chris actually he said cor can I have some , so I broke a bit of to taste and gave him the rest.

By the way this was not my effort , did not get a pic of it had delegated the camera.

Ok I am off to tidy house honest .

Have a great day.

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