Thursday, 28 August 2008

I woke up this morning............

OK it was a normal day 6.23 am and Ian was leaving for work as usual I waived him off, Imagine my surprise when I looked up onto neighbours roof to seen a heron. Not so unusual some may say but we never have them round here. I ran down got camera and let animals out.To my surprise the Heron was still there so snapped away.
Next Tootsie decided to lead the way in a morning exercise routine.
I then come down to load pics onto PC read the Cates blog and it's all about Cooper and the hair cut. Well I know where Krista is coming from The above pic was taken on the day of Hannah's christening Oct 91. Hannah was 9 months , Chris not quite 3 , Liz 4 and Becky 6. This is a photo of family calm. Not so was the scene 18 hours previously when Liz had allowed Chris to cut her hair. A great chunk was removed and left in the bathroom. It was then a mad dash to find a hairdresser who could return Liz to a beautiful angelic state. As you can see it worked.
I have to balance this and thankfully I do not have photographic evidence but I ONCE tried to trim Christopher's hair with Ian's clippers not good in fact that was a repair job to barbers and I have never been allowed to forget it.
Ok its now .7.30 quick tidy up and then off to dentist who on earth made an appointment this early ?

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