Saturday, 13 September 2008

At last an update

The Hoola Hoop Kid
Look we have blue sky

Alfie taking a photo of Tracy taking a photo

The Lumber Jacks at rest

The finished work of the Ian & Johnathan

Ian's fish swimming in a perfectly clear pond.

I watched this bee for ages collecting pollen

A last rose from the front garden

Ellesmere Lakes

Nain and Alfie playing with Tilly

Well what a surprise we have sunshine. It is amazingly HOT honest no joke.

This morning we got up took Hannah to work then went to Oswestry to spend time with James and Susie and Johnathan and Annmarie.

Had a great time just chilling well I did Ian got involved in chopping logs.I set up a blogg with Susie. Having taken some photos earlier.

We had a brilliant lunch and then left to get back in time to watch Chris play rugby.
Dave Cadwell and Chris watching (not sure what)

Guess the silhouette

Once Blogg is done I am off out to do shopping.

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Charlotte, Pete & George said...

Great piccies, and so nice to see some blue sky in England. (I sent you some from down under!!). Well done Lizzie on getting your job, you will make a fab nurse. If you ever want a placement out here, they are desperate for paed nurses.

Love Charl