Friday, 31 October 2008

End of half term

Well my week off is nearly over it has been strange in some ways it has flown by in others I seem to have ambled along at a good pace.

Yesterday had me wanting to watch Mary Poppins ( I didn't tho) as when I visited AJ the chimney sweep arrived and not wishing to be disrespectful but this guy actually looked like a chimney brush. I was amazed at the time he took to prep the area and that he still used traditional brushes. I assumed that in this modern day it would all be machined away.

Any way half an hour after he arrived Jean and I were sat in front of this what bliss.

Jeans garden and greenhouse are coming on nicely .

Another project I have had ongoing this week has been the restoration of an old drop leaf table.

I decided that I needed a table at the end of the sofa just for a lamp and telephone. kath had already said why didn't I paint it . Those of you who know my painting skills are aware that if did that job A it would look awful and B I would have paint everywhere.

So my great friend Kath offered to do the job.

more pictures when finished .

Well I am off to do housework and then start the Christmas shopping before going to see James Bond tonight and then of off to neighbours for halloween get to gether.

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