Sunday, 1 March 2009

Hannah Frances Ianthe Cook becomes an adult part 1

Hannah's Hawain Laua

Well Friday 27Th February saw us celebrating Hannah's 18Th Birthday. The theme was decided on as Hawaiian. Thankfully a chain of stores called Matalan has a party section and luckily we have one in Shrewsbury. One Sunday Ian Hannah and I went and basically bought the set for a Hawaiian party.

Invites were sent to lots of college friends , Hall and DJ booked and cakes requested ( Carl's Mum did a fantastic job)

Friday morning saw me departing for work and basically the family got down to shopping and setting the scene.

When I popped in at 3.30 it was done.

AJ popped in for a quick cup of tea Carolyn from Manchester arrived and the festivities began. Becky had made a large lasagne and that couple with garlic bread and salad meant we all had a good meal before we left.

What Hannah did not know ( but EVERYBODY else knew) was that at 6pm a limo was coming to take Hannah and 7 girls for an hours drive around town with Champagne .

Liz,Gem,kat,Pip,Meg,Nat,Hannah & Becky

Girlies after their trip ready to party

Carl and Becky James and Liz

Carl Tom Chris James

& & & &

Becky Hannah Gemma Liz

Tikki Hut ManagerIt was Brilliant that Ben came up from Loughborough and that Matthew managed to get away from Army camp for the party. These two are Christopher's best mates and like big protective brothers for Hannah.
The party went very well with no disasters and we all got home for 12.30am having restored the hall to it's former (pre 11am) glory.
The recycle bins are full and thankfully get emptied om Tuesday.

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