Thursday, 30 July 2009

A typical day in our wonderful english summer

This was on the popcorn box at the cinema. Hannah and I went to see " The Proposal" great funny film.

My Dad came over with the specific wish to go to the market and then Wetherspoons so we did . Becky bought a wheel chair with her but was not needed as we decided it was tooooo wet to go on the market.

Wetherspoons was originally the cinema in town ( I think) when we arrived it was a Kwik save super market then 2 years ago wetherspoons arrived. It is a modern pub serves food cheap and cheerful and a good meeting place. Dad has improved so much and it's wonderful to spend quality time with him.

This is a naturally wet place the fountain at Telford.

This is where we were hoping to go "The Wednesday Market"

The view from the bedroom window

This was the view from the front door.
So basically WET WET WET

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