Saturday, 22 August 2009

The week that was

I have had a busy week here after catching up from being on holiday I had a couple of groups of friends coming over to sample the delights of Shropshire.
Monday it was Jo and Faye's turn this involved a trip to the swimming pool. Mind you having a youngster is a great excuse to warm up in the little pool.

Up up and away in a beautiful balloon I wish .............. mm dreaming of flying over shropshire on a balmy summers evening

Tuesday was quiet catch up day Until the evening when I realised I would need to find 2 car seats and 2 high chairs , I then spotted a low floating hot air balloon so had to rush in and get the camera, i then jumped in car and followed it across to near where it was landing trouble was the battery ran out on the camera so only got a couple.

After collecting Louise Theo and Jacques from Stoke we met up with Becky at Trentham monkey forest who had last minute arranged a very healthy tasting picnic. It was then off round the monkey enclosure, I have only added a couple of monkey photos as we were there earlier in the year.

This photo is for anyone who can fall asleep anywhere.

Three little monkeys

Jacques thought this was funny so had to include "the bum"

The afternoon saw us refreshed after drying off and going to Jones coffee shop for lunch yummy baked potato and smoked salmon with pile of salad and a rhubarb and ginger spritzer. After lunch we ran off the excess calories with a play on the swings.

Mixed weather in the morning we went to feed the ducks and swans , when we left home it was dull but dry when we arrived at the canal 10 minutes later it was pouring. But you can not let down a dog and children so it was a wet activity.

Having been sidetracked I went home and carried on getting ready for Louise to arrive with Jacques 2 and Theo 1.I have kept a few of the children's toys like Becky,s wooden bricks from her 1st Christmas and the collection of Duplo they kept the boys entertained the whole time they were here.On Wednesday I collected them from Stoke Railway station what an amazing traveller everything she needed into one backpack and loaded onto a nippy buggy.
As the photos show we had a great couple of days only too quickly it was Friday afternoon and time to return to Stoke station .
Meanwhile I have forgotten to add that Adam returned from Spain and Hannah has gone to V thankfully for Hannah the sun is shining still and no rain this is her first festival so can't wait for her stories bet she does not take any photos , I really should have gone as her personal photographer.
Can I just add a thank you to Diane and Vicky for the loanb of car seats and booster seat .


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Elisa, The Unlikely Housewife said...

Sounds like a fun day! I love that if we take our kids out and run around enough with them, we can skip the gym ;-)

I love the photos of the hot air balloon! But I have to be honest, I don't think I'd have the gall to get in one :-)