Sunday, 27 September 2009

All Change

As some of you know things have changed in our family. Ian no longer lives here. this decision was made by him a month ago. I am still married to him but he no longer wants to live in our home with me.
So whats next.
Well as we are now what is termed a dysfuntional family It feels a sham to write a blog about our family life.
So I have decided to change things a bit.
As those of you who know me well you will know that I go very few places without my mobile (cell to US readers) although there are a few obvious ones.
So whats changing ? well my blog is it is now going to be life viewed through my phone. I have this good phone that takes pictures, videos, plays music, has a diary and loads of other as yet unexplored territory oh and I can make and recieve calls and texts on it.
Now sometimes I may pass on a clean joke i may post some fab pictures or a video clip but hopefully it will not be boring and give you a glimpse of what my life is like here in Autumnal UK .
So here goes.

Last Sunday we all decided to go to Moreton Corbett Castle a ruin that the family all enjoyed. Tilly thought it was great fun climbing . As did the boys . James as a statue

This is my new car It was an amazing gift from my Dad. my old car is sitting on the drive dying and leaking oil the garage said £1000 to repair and it was not worth doing so waiting for Ian to decide what to do with it.

How rude let me introduce you to Oluwaponmile or Ponmile or as we call her at home Pom.

Pom is a student at Thomas Adams Wem the school that Hannah has just left. Pom is a student from Nigeria Lagos to be exact and for those of you that know me well will remember that my Father used to work there.

Anyway The school is a boarding school and when they have to many boarders they ask for host families and hey presto we have Pom. she is great only prob well 2 actually she is cold and hates fruit and veg.

Pom gets on really well with Hannah which is a bonus

Well thats all for now
enjoy whatever you are doing


Elisa, The Unlikely Housewife said...

Best of luck Tracy!

Kudos on keeping positive and reinventing yourself and your blog. It can be a great outlet.

Jo, Chesh & Faye said...

You and the children are still a family, just in different way. Mum, Ben and I are a "dysfunctional" family but we are still a family and that's what's important. Liking the phone photos though, keep smiling x