Saturday, 30 January 2010

Some January Photos from my camera

Ok its Saturday morning well it was when I started . There is something in the sky that is very bright and throwing a great light over all the garden and the sky has changed colour from white/ grey to blue.
Seriusly it is so lovely to see the sun shine on us and a reminder that soon it will be spring.

Another reminder are the crocuses pushing their way through the frozen soil. Yet to see any buds
Ok A couple of weeks ago we had a yummy roast and there was the usual leftovers Hannah fancied pie as Iam on weight watchers I decided this might be better than a two crust pie basically 1 sheet of Filo pastry piled leftovers in middle seasoned  and baked yummy.
I also had this on my camera from when had loads of snow this was what we had after having played out in the snow . It tasted so yummy but now is just a distant memory as I can't indulge and loose weight.
Last Sunday as we had had Liz & James and James's Sister Charlotte and her Fiance Micheal over to make wedding stationary I cooked up a brunch and invited AJ over and lo and behold Ben turned up and Hannah's Boyfriend Tom so it was 9 for brunch pancakes blueberry and plain , maple syrup , THE BEST scrambled eggs, bacon sausages and fresh coffee oh and fresh juice and toast for those that wanted.
We all had a great time lot's of laughter and passing of food up and down the table.
I had to include this picture . When Em arrived her and Tilly (dog) were enemies  now they tolerate each other. If I am at the pc it is a race to see who can get to the cat bed first Tilly more often than not wins. Em has a new trick she pretends not to be bothered rubs round my legs making Tilly jealous who then jumps in on action, meanwhile you guessed Em sneaks into her bed. Quite fun to watch.

I also wanted to include this . On our way home to night for much of the journey Hannah and I were looking at the most amazing view of the moon. I so wish I had had my camera. At one point it was in my rear mirror .
I got home and took this not as amazing but still pretty amazing.
Well I think so

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bigguysmama said...

Man, our crocus don't break thru here in Minnesota until April/May. Such a bummer. When I lived in Washington, they'd come out in February!

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Hope this helps!

Mimi from Woven by Words