Tuesday, 2 February 2010

February 2nd 2010

Today is a notable day firstly it's my Mother inlaws birthday not that she will read this.

Then we have Groundhog day

next we have Candle Mass the day when churches blessed the candles they will be using the following year.It is also 40 days since Christmas and midway from winter to spring equinox.

And then there are the Oscar nominations.
Fairly sure Avatar will win most I hope An Education does well also Meryl Streep in Julie and Julia Fantastic Mt Fox was ok but not amazing and thats all I have seen to comment on, actually thats a lie have not seen Avatar yet just clips and heard people comments.

So All in all a special day in a month that is short and still quite dull. But at least the evenings are staying light longer.


H said...

I haven't seen Avatar yet either. Mark has been and raved about it. Ben & I intended to go over Christmas, but somehow it never happened. Our last attempt was last weekend, but we both went down ill! I'm hoping it will still be on this Saturday!!

Patti said...

your Eggless cookies look good Enough to EAT. I love well done cookies!