Saturday, 27 February 2010

Hannah turns 19

Becky,Liz, Chris & Hannah with "Beauty Grandad" The fab cake

Hannah Francis Ianthe  Cook aged 19

Becky & Carl Chris & Gemma Hannah & Tom and Liz and James
I am so proud of my four fantastic children and their other halves.
Thanks guys for loving me.

This is me after the hairdressers.

Today was about making sure that Hannah had a fantastic day celebrating her 19th birthday. She had requested Chilli and Nachos and so I obliged. Liz made Bannoffee pie and Becky produced an amazing cake.
Hannah was blessed with lovely presents and seemed to have a good day .
It was ended outside around the brazier eating smores.

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H said...

Are Liz's banoffee pies are delicious as yours?