Sunday, 21 March 2010

From my phone

For the past few weeks I have been unable to down or up load ( never sure correct wording)  my photos but today I have managed to so here are a few random photos since I don't know when .
This was a painting done my wonderful Godmother Sylvia she has come to painting late in life but is fantastic at it mind you she has an excellent teacher in her husband Den.

This was a gnarled fallen rotten tree I saw on a dog walk this photo does not do it justice it was truly fab

More wood this is the start of Hannah's birthday present a coaster with her name on.

This on the left is a result of the book on the right all I can say is I have a nice tidy organiser !!

This is my motto

Banbury Cross
I saw this when I went to stay with Helen and Howard just had to have a snap .

My Shamrock in recognition of St Patrick's day . I had just had a manicure and caught the nail varnish. They look so dry must use more handcream.
This is my Dad after being fed and watered at Liz and Jame's last week notice he may be asleep but he is not letting go of his stick.

This was a prize I won on UCB radio they have lasted 9 days so far thankfully they are not star gazer lillies and have no fragrance but they are so pretty .

And last but not least Tilly

When we first got Tilly she would drink out of our mugs if they were at her height, needless to say we soon got her out of that habit or so we though !!!!!
Tghis morning Hannah and I were reminiscing and she said do you remember when..........
And I said yes the next thing Hannah is offering Tilly her mug of tea and she thouroughly enjoyed so we have decided to find a suitable mug that will be for her alone.
Well thats it the tour of my phone is over hope you did not get to bored .
Hello wakey wakey it's over .

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