Saturday, 6 March 2010

A new Adult in the house

Well its is not exactly a new member of the household it is just that Pom turned 18 today and is now an adult.
We have had Pom living with us since September 09 . She attend Thomas Adams 6th form college in Wem ( same as where my Older 3 went) .
Oluwaponmile Akinloye or Ponmile or Pom as we call her is amazing she has a fantastic face that when she smiles her whole face smiles like wise when she is unhappy we also know.

Pom has been a blessing to this family and was deffinatley sent by God .

Any way here are a few photos of the start of her day. Cake curtesy of Becky.

Hannah and Pom have now gone shopping to Hanley happy days .
Later in the Day
As ever running late and playing the goofball
But looking fab in her new outfit ready to meet her friends at nandoes in Shrewsbury

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H said...

Happy birthay, Pom :)