Monday, 26 April 2010

Monday Moaning

Ok I spent yesterday afternoon whilst it was raining and I could not cut the grass following step by step instructions on how to make a button.
I am a slight techno phobe so was quite impressed that I got this far.
Trouple is now I do not know how to add this or any other blog buttons to my sidebar.
I look at other blogs and they have loads of the things .
Why can't I?

Is it because I am 47?
Is it because I am going grey ( well hidden) ?
Is it because I did not listen during french lessons?
Is it because I am overweight?
No none of the above I just
do it . Please can some one help me?
I would like to add this cutsie calendar as well but no joy there either.

On a better more positive note my Monday has been good. Productive and just well good.
The sun has shone school was great and that is about it really. PCC soon but first I have to make kebabs for Hannah and I for Dinner, Supper, Tea or whatever you call the meal you aet in the evening.


Debbie said...

You go to your layout, and click add gadget, then you go to the HTML and and paste it there.....then click the link and type in your http so it links back to your blog

Beth said...

The instructions I used to build mine are here:

Pretty straightforward. You might want to make a smaller version of your picture (I use for image storing and editing) since the button will need to be smaller than what you have here.

Mary Beth @ Live. Laugh. Make Something said...

You are sooo funny! I am 52 and rather computer stoopid. I have only been blooging since the middle of February and I am still figuring out new things every week. If the other comments didn't help... let me know and maybe the blind can lead the blind and I can help you a little bit. big hug...

Jenny said...

I would if I could but I can't. I can't figure out any of this techno-mumbo-jumbo. I'm sorry...I would totally help if I could.