Wednesday, 28 April 2010

O is for obvious ........

ob·vi·ous   /ˈɒbviəs/ Show Spelled[ob-vee-uhs] Show IPA


1.easily seen, recognized, or understood; open to view or knowledge; evident: an obvious advantage.

2.lacking in subtlety.

3.Obsolete. being or standing in the way.
Related forms

ob·vi·ous·ly, adverb

ob·vi·ous·ness, noun

non·ob·vi·ous, adjective

non·ob·vi·ous·ly, adverb

non·ob·vi·ous·ness, noun

o·ver·ob·vi·ous, adjective

pre·ob·vi·ous, adjective

pre·ob·vi·ous·ly, adverb

pre·ob·vi·ous·ness, noun

un·ob·vi·ous, adjective

un·ob·vi·ous·ly, adverb

un·ob·vi·ous·ness, noun

Ok I am not an unintelligent and I know that there are many things that begin with O
for instance octopus, orange , over, oblivion but they are not what are on my mind today . No
I am going for the obvious or maybe not so obvious.
Once upon a time in a land far away I was born, don't think I was overweight as a baby certainly the photos do not depict me as obese.Any way I grew up and then one day I noticed that I had these two things on my chest that just got bigger and bigger. A short while later I met and married and started the role of reproduction and first one I produced was Becky not a bad weight 8lb 8oz only problem was I kept 14lb of pregnancy weight thats ok people said you will lose that with breastfeeding. Ok so I kept eating and then I was expecting again this time Liz arrived 10lb 15oz ok not so good  I kept another 14lb same old story. I then had Christopher 10lb 2oz and again kept 14lb  and finally Hannah 6lb 13oz and yes you guessed kept another 14lb . That made a grand total of 52lb over weight well add on a 1lb or 2 for good measure and suddenly I am OBESE in fact I am 5st over weight . Now please don't think I ignored this I did not.
My friend Carolyn and I joined weight watchers many times but something would crop up and we would drop out.
And all the weight we lost would creep back on.
Anyway in January this year I went back to WW with a vengance after all I have my sons wedding in December and want to look good for that.

Ok so what is so obvious

That salad is going to be better for my weight loss than Chocolate

That water is better for me than wine

That excersise is better than laziness

And I would rather be this but don't worry I am not this.


Seriously I am doing ok not brilliant but OK I have lost 15lb and am now working towards my next goal of 20lb so 5lb to go. I am only setting myself realistic goals. There is so much going on in my life that to be getting stressed over weight will not be good. I hope I have a healthy awareness.
So tonight I will be going to WW and be humiliated as I stand on the scales.

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Christy said...

Oh, I feel your pain -- added a little weight with each pregnancy - and I had 9. Obviously I often picked poorly when it came to food. I really believe that I didn't get fat until I started dieting and eating and drinking diet food. Clever post!

Jenny said...

Hi Miss Tracy! I am visiting a little bit early from night school!

I really enjoyed this clever post!

It is Outrageous that us poor women so often have to struggle with weight.

Congratulations on your weight loss! It sounds like you are off to a wonderful start!


Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

You're on your way. Good for you! I enjoyed your post.

Viki said...

I'm right there with you but I blame my weight on menopause. I didn't start gaining until then. It is really difficult to put down the snacks. I start doing well and then I get derailed. Good luck to you. Very cute post.

Terra said...

OH my, (pun intended) Obviously you are on the right track and you have to take your props where you can get them! Keep doing what feels right and you will feel right..and don't studies say that chocolate and wine are actually good for you? Oh, yeah - it's that darn moderation thing that is so hard!!!

mbkatc230 said...

Congratulations! It sounds like you are doing well and are motivated, I know that you'll reach your goal. I added a bit of weight after Cait's birth - but that was 21 years ago! I really haven't struggled too much until I started going through menopause. It's very difficult to take the weight off. As long as my Dr. isn't worried about my weight, I'm not going to worry about it. Unless my clothes quit fitting me. Then I'm off to WW! Kathy

5thsister said...

I undersand the pregnancy pounds. i am 5'2' and gained 40-60 lbs with each pregnancy. The only way I lost was aerobics. (darn it) that's not fair to someone naturally lazy.

mrs. c said...

It is so hard to lose weight,I too have battled with my weight all my life and it is so hard. I have decided that I am going for healthy, so I am trying to do my best to eat right, exercise, and drink lots of water. I know that you will acheive your goal, take it one day at a time!

Vicki said...

First visit here and think I'll stay.. Good for you! I'm like the other Viki (the one without the c) and blame it on the big M...
But whattheheck, we can't all be sickly skinny, huh...Fun post!

Christy said...

it is so hard, isn't it? you are an inspiration...i like the idea of small goals!

jen said...

I understand the extra weight thing. And it always seems that the bad things for us are more attractive than the good things. Thanks to your post, I'm going to bed now, and I vow to be up early exercising and eating right. Thanks for the motivation!

easternsparkle said...

Oh Tracey I am right with you on this one - great post! Good luck with WW - I lost 28lbs four years ago but it's all crept on plus some more, really need to try harder (I blame the menopause!!)

Jo said...

well, i was very active and very fit till my baby came along ... then i quit smoking ... then my thyroid went ... and i have tried just about every diet in the books ... i feel your pain

mub said...

15 lbs is a great start, congrats =D

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

Oh dear...
we all gain some weight..
very clever post.
Happy Thursday!
Mine is here

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love your post! The pictures really did a great job illustrating your point. You moved forward to go to that meeting. Hooray!

My name is PJ. said...


Brenda said...

It certainly is hard isn't it? Fifteen pounds is great though. I would have been so happy to loose that before my daughters wedding. Keep it up your an inspiration.

jfb57 said...

Bit of a newbie so not sure what I have to do to follow! The twitter button didn't work :(
Anyway, love the pics & as someone who also has a son getting married in Dec & needs to lose weight, I'm here for you!! :)

jeff campbell said...

Way to know the Obvious, and Obviously you can do it! Brave post...I like it...Peace and blessings

Short and Sweet said...

I really enjoyed your creative "O" post and I wish you all the best in your weight loss. I, too, struggle with weight so I totally understand what you are going through. My best thoughts are with you.

Steph said...

As others have mentioned... I can also relate. Good for you losing 151bs and sticking with the hard work. I have trouble with the obvious also and it causes some heartache and now some body aches. Hang in there and keep setting those realistic goals. I'm picking up two words that I want to think some more about from other people's comments... menopause :( and moderation.

Natasha said...

Well done you! That is just fabulous. You have inspired me to try a little harder with losing some weight!

Can I still have just a bit of wine though????

Best wishes and happy weekend,

JcVeggie said...

I really like your O story and its great to share with such honesty:) I am a raw/vegetarian chef and I have tons of recipe ideas if you ever need some ideas...I would love to share with you:) My friend and I have just started our Winter Pounds Work Off this week...We are meeting at the local park and we exercise for an hour or so. A lil yoga, boot camp stuff, and just plain old moving around...We have fun and we get to hang out:) I think you are on your way to reaching your goal! Love your post!

Pondside said...

Well, it's Obvious that you are a good writer - I'll be back!

Catherine said...

Oh, loved your O post :) .
Congratulations on your weight loss ... I need to work on that myself, but obviously the things that taste best aren't the ones that will help me lose weight. Now that my "baby" is 8 years old, I suppose I can't blame it on pregnanacy :) .
Catherine :)

Natasha said...

Just came back to say thank you so much for visiting me and for following. I so look forward to seeing you tomorrow for a song!

Enjoy your long weekend.

Best wishes,
Natasha, your 15th follower.