Monday, 24 May 2010

Home made

Ok I made myself a promise , this year I am going to make presents for people.
I have done quite well so far.
As Becky is having a new kitchen I decided to make her accessories.
I started just after Easter researching . And came up with a shortlist I then saw on somebodies blog a notice board  that was made Friday night.
I still want to make some more thing slike a plastic bag holder and napkins .

I decided to go for two different patterns  and put red felt hearts on everything to link them.

I then took a photo of Em ( Becky & Carl's cat that is staying with us)  and made it into a card for her.

To be honset I think this was probably Becky's Favourite part.
Anyway if anybody has any other ideas please send them as I need to start Lizzies gifts for her new house.
Have a great week


H said...

Eeeep! I'm rubbish at *proper* craft ideas - I only do junk!

Isn't Lizzies birthday in December? (Cus I seem to remember something about Mo and fireworks and a visit from the police... Hehe!!) How about something warm for winter? Or something colourful (like a banner for the wall)

BTW - have you read this yet?

GO LOOK!! You'll like it! :)

Anonymous said...

You're so domestic! Everything looks so wonderful! I'm sure Becky loved it all and the photo of the cat is awesome! A framer for sure!