Saturday, 15 May 2010

Saturday Morning

Ok I have managed to persuade the nice Dr and Nurse to let me use the PC to blog today  ( see Here if not aware of whats happened) I have to show that I am a normal rational person and not in need of their very kind assistance. I have had to promise to stay away from alphabet Thursday for a week mm now that one is tricky . I also have to take medication in the form of Copious cups of tea and the occasional glass of wine to calm me down.
Any way back to my reason for blogging.
On Thursday and Friday I atended a training entitled  lets getcooking it  was FANTASTIC . I had such fun and whilst I am no cordon Bleau cook we produced two amazing buffets and I now feel ready to roll out the program at school in September.

Ok my first offering was Sultana and orange Scones now these did not rise amazingly well but that was because they were cooked on a griddle.
They tasted yummy .
I was amazed at how many different things you could make with a basic scone recipe.
We then cut them up and sampled each groups .

Our next task was to design and make a healthy sandwich
My group chose Hummous , cucumber, red onion, Rocket,Olives and shavings of carrot.
This looked colourful and once put inside  half a pitter pocket was a balanced nutrious lunch.

Then it was onto fruit Kebabs now if I am honest I chocolate fountain would have made it perfectly unhealthy but so yummy!!!!!

This was part way through the Buffet being set up

That was Thursday
On Friday we were making Muffins first again sweet and savoury and at coffee break tasted each groups.

 My group made Autumn ones Apple, Pear and oats with an oat and sugar topping sprinkled on YUMMY
Next it was making lunch
This was THE simplest rice dish ever basically diced onion , pepper sweet corn and peas in a pan with rice and stock
Boil for 5 minutes take of the heat leave for 20 minutes with the lid on no peeping season and eat

We then made a speedy Boston baked beans type dish that did not take the usual 3 hours.

This was another groups Sweetn sour

There were two beautifuly presented fruit platters

And two jugs of tasty fruit based drinks

Oh and incase my weight watchers leader logs in ythis was what I ate mostly veg based

A good time was had by all and even for home use I learnt lots

This was Deb on the right the other TA from School

And finally me just to prove I did not download the pics from Google.

Ok off  to start my day now
Thanks for reading and please leave a comment


H said...

Thata rice dish sounds brilliant; even easier than making soup! I'll give that a go one lunchtime. Thanks Tracy.

Viki said...

They all look delicious and what am I eating tonight, pizza LOL.

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