Saturday, 29 May 2010

Sensational Saturday

Hi everyone well I have had the best Saturday in months.
It started yesterday when friends arrived from Manchester and we went out for an indian.
This morning Phil took some amazing photos of us all. This is Phil from Bolton who has photographed us on and off for ages.
Having said that we have not seen each other for over 10 years it was just like last year.
Breakfast is something of a tradition in our house now. Whenever the kids come home or we have guests on goes the griddle and a double batch of pancakes, streaky bacon, scrambled eggs and sausages. And today  as Liz and I are on weight loss living I did natural Yogurt and fruit.
I don't really like having my picture taken but I do like this one.

I love thisoff Becky she is wearing the necklace that my Dad gave her for her birthday

Hannah and Liz such a natural photo of them both

Carl and Becky are still so in love I just love this photo

And Adam our extra addition to the family.

After Phil and Anne had left it was time to settle down for an evening of serious fun.
First we had Wraps for eats then played a quick draw game

This was played whilst watchingThe Eurovision contest.

Becky Liz and Hannah just had to perform to the England entry .
Oh this is what it was like while Phil was shooting

there was so much laughter today
That is excluding Tilly she really could not understand what was happening.

so as I am sure you understand today was excellent

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