Friday, 7 May 2010

A walk on the wild side

ok this afternoon AJ came over with Billy and after the usual cup of tea we set of for a dog walk. This time Tilly and Billy enjoyed a trip to Buntingsdale where they played in the river Tern.

I have called it a walk on the wild side as we saw lots of wild flowers. Unfortunatley I could not name them obviously AJ could and needless to say I have forgotten them all. Anyway here are some pictures and a brilliant video of Billy . Tilly is the shaggy scruffy black and white dog . Enjoy we did

This is a tearing around Billy can you spot him?

Ok sorry can't up load video sorry

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Geek And Girl said...

Your most welcome to follow my blog, it is just a diary of our life nothing particularly exciting. I have the blog turned into a book each year, it will be like an encyclopedia of our lives. xoxoxo