Saturday, 22 May 2010


Morning anyone who might be following today .
Well today I was up bright and early sun shining birds tweeting what a great place to be.
Actually I had to sort the normal Saturday morning jobs like the washing!
What is that I hear you saying strange wash load in at Edenhouse?
Well yes I am playleader at lunchtime at school and decided to sort an equipment box out. Needless to say that the rain had got in and there was lots of smelly equipment so decided to bring home and throw through the machine. Have a great Saturday . Oh and Happy Birthday Becky


Jingle said...

good Morning,
Brilliant Stuff there,
Happy Saturday!

H said...

Nose out Tilly!!!

H said...

BTW, When you have a spare moment, between washing and becky's birthday (Happy birthday Becky) and stuff, take a look at my post for today:)

Viki said...

I'm sure that was a blessing in disguise. I imagine they had plenty of germs on them from being played with and dirty. Now they are clean as a whistle LOL.

paige said...

Lots of washing! At least it's all colorful. :)