Wednesday, 16 June 2010

V is for ............................

Vultures flying hi and in our lives taking what ever they want
Scrabble mm love the game but V can be hard to use.

what is Love without a V , loe

Victory in the garden and victory in the war

Ok enough of these tenuous links to V  I have been venturing into my family history I found a diary from Viking times

The Old Norse/Viking Months
22 December-20 January - Mörsugur

21 January - 19 February - Þorri

20 February - 20 March - Góa

21 March - 19 April Einmánuður

20 April - 19 May - Harpa

20 May - 18 June - Skerpla

19 June - 22 July - Sólmánuður

23 July - 21 August - Heyannir

22 August -20 September - Tvímánuður

21 September - 20 October - Haustmánuður

21 October - 19 November - Gormánuður

20 November - 19 December - Ýlir

I came across Végerðr the viking who  was looking very voluptous as she  sat around the village fire. Eating the feast prepared by the family.


The longboat had returned from Vennachar  in Scotland after a succesful trip.

The next interesting information I found on my venture into tracing family history was the Victorian times

Not sure who is in the  wedding photo

Ok how can somebody go from being so perfect to ageing so badly

Dear Queen Victoria of course I had best watch out I could end up FAT ( ok fatter)

basically this blog is Vacuist anyway onwards infact you world probably  be pleased for me to vade.

Anyway back to my family history I found that there were several vagabonds in the tree not impressed with that one.

my spirits  (not vodka) were lifted when I found several valedictorians in the tree

I even managed to find a medal.

Have I told you about my vegetarian friend she is amazing and made me a Tracy Figure can't wait for it to arrive.

Anyway better go as I have victory medals to sourse for the seven aside world cup competetion I have organised for work.
Oh before I go does anyone remember having  Vicks rubbed on them when full of a cold?
 and Victory Vs throat sweets,

then there is Venos coush syrup

and Vosene shampoo.

and finally

In the name of Jesus we have the Victory


jeff campbell said...

Very eclectic post...all quite cool...Nice ...Peace

Viki said...

Lot of great V words. When we were cleaning out mom's house, we found an old jar of Vick's. I don't even want to venture to guess how old it was, ha! Great V post.

Jo said...

very cool v post ... i still use vicks when i have a cold

Pondside said...

We'll all be stunned that there are so many V words when we all had such a hard time finding just one!

My name is PJ. said...

V is for very comprehensive!

H said...

I used to love Victory V lozenges. You don't see them around so much now.

Theresa said...

Great assortment of "V"'s! Especially like "love" and Queen Victoria:)

laterg8r said...

so many cool v words TFS :D

Cheryl said...

Enjoyed your take on V this week. Nicely done.

Jenny said...

Tracy! What a fun, funky and eclectic link to Alphabe-Thursday's Letter "V"!

Those pictures just made me laugh...and wonder...

How in the world did you ever think of all those words?

Thank you for making this such a wonderful stop this week!

You are amazing!


mbkatc230 said...

You studied hard for this weeks class! Great choices for V, I still use Vick's when I'm congested! Kathy

Claudia Schlotman said...

Tracy, I love this! Who knew you could do so much with V?

Thanks for following my fun blog, Small Stories and Stuff!

Susan said...

What a VAST VENTURE that was! VICTORY indeed! thanks for an interesting a follower :)