Friday, 11 June 2010

The week that was .......

Ok where do I begin?
I don't know maybe Monday Rainbows as usual nothing Unusual there good fun actually.

I know Tuesday and Hannah's new rabbit had to go to vets sadly having only had him 3 days .Oh yes found out OFSTED will be in school Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday Kainos was good .

Thursday Rabbit died today we visitied store he came from and saw the vet who did her best.
Got full refund and came away with two degus I had looked last week but could not justify £50 but as Hannah did not want to buy another rabbit from same litter..

Friday mega Migrain AM  and OFSTED left PM saw My Dad and Becky Carl Liz and James.

So as I said the week that was.

Ups and downs like life but we all survived. Sadest part was the Rabbit dying he was so cute.


Terra said...

we only lost a fish this week not a whole rabbit and it was devastating so I imagine your week was a tough one.

Jenny said...

I am so sorry to hear about your rabbit. That is so sad :-(

H said...

Ofsted (bleuuuugh)is undoubtely confidential, but generally... smile or cry?