Saturday, 17 July 2010

Week 11 .........

Week 11 already well this week jenny has a guest prompter in so here we go the prompt is in  colour.
Please pop by and check out the other writers .
We all have the same challenge to use upto 100 extra words around the prompt .
Jenny can be found here.

We had been waiting for the call to tell us the news , it was 4pm already surely Rebecca should have called by now.

This was important to Rebecca Sir Andrew was personally auditioning at 2pm . What had happened ?

I looked at my watch it was 5pm already , The phone rang we raced to the phone my husband put it on loudspeaker to hear a pitch perfect

Somewhere over the rainbow

Followed by

“I got it Mum & Dad I am the lead in the West End.”

Her dream had come true, after years of training .


Sue said...

As a mom, I've waited for that kind of call many times before. So this resonated with me.


Bookie said...

Fun way to announce winning the part!!

Viki said...

This was good and a happy ending for Rebecca,yippee!! Great job.

mbkatc230 said...

What a happy take on the prompt! Don't you just love hearing that joy in your child's voice? Nicely done! Kat

jeff campbell said...

Very well done Tracy ! I can relate to your take on this prompt...memories...nice...Peace and blessings

Tina said...

You and I went in similar directions this week! Loved how you colored the prompt in rainbows. Very nice touch.

Tgoette said...

Great job, Tracy! With a daughter in theater, this story definitely struck a chord! Well done!

cj Schlottman said...

The tension was palpable as you all waited for the call to come. Loved the rainbow colors of the song!


My name is PJ. said...

The little things like phone calls that can literally change lives....

The Muse said...

Hello, I got your email :) and have forwarded you two links :)
I think they are what you are looking for Ms Tracy :)
Regards always!

Nice post and congrats :)

Jenny said...

Hooray! Nothing better than a dream come true!

I loved the hope and promise and potential in your use of the prompt.

It made me smile.

Thank you.

Terra said...

oh that felt so cool. Totally in the moment. Loved it.

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