Thursday, 23 September 2010

A is for....... from Edenhouse

Alphabet Thursday round 2 mm not sure I will fare very well under this new teacher she seems a bit Miss Trunchbull like (Matilda) .
Anyway what am I upto for new readers well I am in a class that each week meets up here to learn different aspects of the alphabet. We write , photograph ,journal and anything else that comes to us and share it with you the wonderful readers. We then visit  (ok this is where I am a failure) at least 10 other class mates . Hope you enjoy and go visiting the teacher.

Apples and Autumn  go together well to start this off I love them both.

some facts

•Apples originated in the Middle East about 4000 years ago.

•They are the members of rose family. They are available round the year.

•More than 7,500 varieties of apples are grown all over the world.

•United States is known for growing about 2,500 varieties of apples.

•The science of apple-growing is known as pomology.

•Apples come in different variety of colors such as red, yellow, green, etc.

•Different varieties of apples range in size, from a bit bigger than a cherry to as large as a grapefruit.

•Some of the popular varieties of apples are Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Gala apples, Fuji apples, Granny Smith, Rome, Empire, Idared, etc.

•About 25% of their volume is air. That’s why, fresh apples float on water.

•A medium-size apple contains about 80 calories.

•It requires about 36 apples to produce one gallon of apple cider.
I would go as far as to say an apple is my favourite fruit. when I was younger I lived in Norfolk and we used to buy a box of apples from the Queens estate at Sandringham .
Ok Autumn is  my favourite season.
In Autumn I do not expect sunshine but often get it . I don't expect to
~ What are leaves for?

A leaf is like a miniature factory. It takes the ingredients of sunlight, water, carbon dioxide, and chlorophyll to make food for itself.

~ Why do leaves fall off trees in the autumn?
In autumn, there is less sunlight because the days are shorter. Because sunlight is a crucial ingredient in the leaf "factory", the leaf is unable to sustain itself any longer. It becomes weak, breaks from the branch, and floats to the ground.

~ Why are leaves different colors in autumn than the rest of the year?

I'll bet you didn't know that leaves are really red, yellow, orange, and brown all year long; we just can't see it! The intense green pigment of chlorophyll actually blocks the pigments of the other colors. You could say that the other colors are "invisible". In the autumn, red, yellow, orange, and brown become visible and bright when the green chlorophyll weakens before the leaf falls off the tree.

I think this song sums it up for me. Autumn days .
So  to sum up my offering Autumn days and Apples are Awesom


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love all your facts. I didn't know any of the apple information.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Very cool info about apples...

mle said...

Fuji apples are my favorite.
Autumn is probably my favorite season.
So I Adored your A post : )

gabe said...

Love autumn especially the changing leaves. I will have to tuck those facts away for the next time one of my munchkins asks me "why do the leaves turn color?"

Terra said...

turns out our favs are the little bitty sweet! Love them apples

Sailing Simply said...

How delightful! I love apples! I also loved all your apple facts. Green apples are my favorite!

H said...

There is lots of stuff here that I didn't know. Thanks Tracy :)

Where has Adam gone off to?

Sue said...

I'm an apple and autumn girl, too!


Teresa said...

Very interesting! Wonderful A post.

Pondside said...

Apples are members of the rose family? I love to learn something new - thanks for the great facts!

Write Chick said...

The information about apples was A-mazing. Nice post. I love autumn too.

Jo said...

lovely autumn and apple post!

Jackie said...

Hi Tracy , my favorite apple are galas . Have a nice day hon.

Sumi said...

Thanks for all the info on Apples.Didn't know that apples belong to the rose family.Very informative.

It felt like I was in a class and you are my teahcer.Heh heh.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments.

Amanda said...

Very informative post -- I did not know all those apple facts!

Jenny said...

Hi Tracy.

What a wealth of information you shared with us this week for Alphabe-Thursday.

I didn't know hardly any of these facts! Thanks for teaching us so much this week!

And I like your new haircut, too, from the more current post!

Thanks for linking.