Friday, 26 November 2010

Bunny Manners

Ok I know that you know that we are a crazy fun loving family ( I know there are onlty two of us full time here) especially when ALL together.

Well this is being passed onto the animals now, especially the rabbit Thumper.

I have been of work for a while for couple of reasons and today decided to teach the rabbit a new trick.

The children each got a little nursery chair when they were born , Thumper decided he liked to jump on and of them ( did I mention Thumper is a fully litter trained house rabbit?)

Every day he has a piece if fruit that is chopped small and placed on a saucer ( he has no front teeth)  this has become an evning titual with him , for instance the other night I chopped a sprout, carrot apple and pear  I shared half and half  minus the sprout. I also de skin it for him. Anyway today I decided it was time he learnt to sit at the table the following pictures show his progress.

Need to work on the " Not throwing onto table "

He sits so nicely to chew his food.

I am tinking that a napkin would be good next


Jo said...

oh that is so cute. Bunnies make wonderful pets!

Anonymous said...

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LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

awww- so adorable!

Anonymous said...

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