Sunday, 21 November 2010

Craziness in the Cook house

Tis the season   ( ok nearly) to be Jolly
Unless of course you are a house rabbit being stuffed inside a santa suit.

Only one thing to say about this picture "My what big feet he has"

One of the things I miss in this house is an open fire. Not as an only source of heat but just a beautiful
focal point on a winters day.
Whilst I was visiting AJ on Saturday she lit her fire and I decided to photograph it  and now I have a cosy fire to watch in my study , whilst I am crafting .

Dogs that are alert and eveready to pounce

I am so happy with the way my shape is changing .


House Revivals said...

You have such sweet little pets! My daughter has a bunny -- I think he would be very offended at having to wear a Santa Suit :) Where do you find a bunny Santa suit?

EG Wow said...

I have never heard of a rabbit suit for bunnies. What fun!

H said...

You are looking fantastic Tracy :)

Anonymous said...

I usually dont take time to ever make comments on a web site but I have to say I would truly be doing you a grave disservice if I didnt write something. This post has most definitely opened my eyes. Thank you so much for writing it.