Monday, 1 November 2010

Christmas soap box

Ok I am going to be on my soap box for this next bit if not interested then I will not be offended if you do not read any further.

Prima UK - December 2010

I bought myself a treat yesterday . Prima magazine has been going for years I bought the very first issue to take into hospital to have one of my children and I think it was 1986 might be wrong on that one.
I used to get it each month for years and years then decided I was not reading enough of it to justify spending that amont so quit but every now and again I succomb and enjoy again.

I as attracted by the money saving ideas and a Luxury Christmas for less articles featured on the front page.
It is worth  £2.80 just to read these two articles alone.

anyway this lead me to
 A blog that will save you money and is enjoyable to read .


Ok back to my soap box. Why does society have to spend so much on CHRISTMAS.
I typed "what is Christmas " into a search engine and this site has a good view on it.

I stole this line from it .

You celebrate it, you enjoy it – but have you ever wondered what is Christmas? Calling you friends and families over for delectable meals, exchanging gifts by the side of beautifully adorned trees, this is what we comprehend of the Christmas holidays.

Please don't think I am being a spoil sport I AM NOT. Ask my family I love Christmas as much as anyone else and trust me I AM the biggest kid.

But I truly believe that we as a society have moved away from the true meaning of Christmas. Now I know that some of you know that I am a committed Christian  but please I am not about to give you a lecture ( not my style) but when we look at the story of Jesus birth it was in a lowly stable the only decorations were straw and animals and yes the gifts were bought by kings .
The gifts the Kings bought were what Jesus would need for his time on earth.
Now last Christmas I was extremely grateful and somewhat surprised to recieve a Nintendo DS from my father ( suggested I am sure by my eldest daughter)  and it has bought me much pleasure did I need it ? No
It has made me think ( as I have done so many times in the past) what can I do for my family ( all grown up)and friends  that shows I love them, want to celebrate Christmas with them but is also useful and beneficial.

I am getting my sewing machine out and that is all I can say incase they read here.

A thought

Would you go out and celebrate a strangers a Birthday ?

Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus ( ok it might be in the wrong month) not just about buying a sack of presents so why not visit your local church and see what they are doing to celebrate the

 " Reason for the Season"

I have four wonderful Children 19-25 and as you can imagine Christmas had the potential of being VERY expensive ( it was anyway) So what we decided to do was set a realistic maximim spend and then make their birthdays more of a what they wanted.  This worked well  especially  for Elizabeth who was born on Christmas eve .

Ok here endeth my soap box am off it now and off to think about my gift list
Normal service will return for next posting


H said...

So many people are mentioning Christmas in their blogs. Help!! I've not even started thinking about it yet, but I totally agree about the whole spending frenzy thing. Christmas can be just as much fun without all of the trappings the advertisers say we have to splash out on. (And yes, I love it too.)

magsmcc said...

I love love love this post! I ban thinking speaking wishing about Chriastmas even from my own head until after Halloween so now maybe I have to think about it- but your post helps me remember what it is I too believe about Christmas and what it is I'll hold on to over the next sixty whatever sleeps it may be! Thank you! And I also love your blog header. How do you do it?!