Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Wednesday before Christmas Tidy up

Ok I woke up this morning to snow falling from the sky and decided I was not going out.
Starting upstairs I tidied each room remade he spare bed ready for AJ's visit on Christmas eve.
I then discovered that water supply to the washing machine ye ha I went round gathering anything  that needed washing  just incase they froze again.

hen got distracted by Tilly wanting to go outside to steal bird food.

She sat so cutley waiting for me to go in so she could go in and take the bird food.
I am sure if she could talk she would have sat "Mum why do I have to sit my bum is cold in the snow"

Any way having had a good bowl of porridge I set to on the main task of the day the conservatory

Now please before you condem me for being a slob I would just like to explain that the reason this looks like this is because James and Chris moved everything from the snug ( now the dinning room again) and vice versa that was 3 weeks ago and well lets just say I have not had a chance to sort until today.

But sort I did mopped floors cleaned windowsills and rearranged furniture not plannig to put christmas in there as its not really used.
My next task is the study I know I am always doing the study .

More later

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H said...

You have been busy! The conservatory looks great now :)