Sunday, 30 January 2011

I am back again

Ok I have not been here for a while things been a bid crazy and sad.
On Friday we laid my Dad to rest and now it is time to move on, that does not meen I will forget the wonderful Impact Dad had in our lives or the times we spent together it means that there is a new chapter of my lufe to start. That of a women with no parents but fantastic children and no husband but amazing friends and top of the list is faith big enough to move a mountain.

Yesterday I did two invited things one was cinema with AJ and the other was a friends 50th birthday meal

The cinema was to see The above film

 We were in this amazing building , the cinema room had the usual rows of seats but at the back were two seater sofas AJ and I shared on .
The building was full of old oak beams and charm.

We started with a yummy hot chocolate that we could have taken into the screening or wine for that matter .
And then watched the most wonderful film I have ever seen.
I really hope it sweeps the floor at the Oscars.

I then went to Jones Coffee shop and bistro for the birthday celebration what fun and fab food .
Hannah and I are now sorting and shifting at home so bye for now

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H said...

I must go to see this film before it is too late! Everyone is saying how good it is!!