Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Hair Raising or the styles and colours of my hair

Ok some of you readers know me very well ( Hi Liz & Becky )  and others only know the Tracy on here  they are not to different except in one area , My Hair.

I have been blessed with thick hair that is also a boring colour with bits of grey filtering through.

You know they say confession is good for the soul well I am confessing I do not look like my profile picture any more.  Well actually I really only looked like that for a day  , when my son got married.

Two weeks ago I went to Bridgnorth , to AJ's hairdresser who I have been seeing  ( only proffesionally ) for about a year.

Now firstly this is an extremely bad photo  , it is incredibly hard to smile  focus and press the right button using the mirror.

So this is the new look I still have mixed feelings , If I could visit the hairdresser every day and be recurled then I have to say I really prefer the longer, blonder  curly look.

This was me again self portrait before the cut.

This photo shows me at my fattest before loosing wait

School girl look for Eurovision party 2009

Did not care what my hair looked like for my Baptism

When I was dark and FAT

What horrible arms and so fat with shortter blondish hair

Ok now I know why I am loosing weight

I loved my hair in this photo

Actually this is not so bad either

So basically this is the long the short the straight the dark and blond of my hair. I love the cut  and colour I have right now but I have to be honest and say I prefer it longer and lighter. And the lighter goes for my weight as well .

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H said...

You really do look a lot slimmer! How much have you lost in total?

I like the new cut, though I like the longer blonder look too.