Sunday, 13 March 2011

Life changes

On Friday I had a phone call saying that my Aunt who  is in America was not doing as well as hoped.
This is after a 13 year battle against Ovarian Cancer.
So now the next battle starts for her, to have a peaceful and graceful journey. Only God knows how long that journey will take.

On Saturday AJ and I had planned to go to my local theatre and see a comedy called Withering Looks.

An authentic insight into the lives and works of those three Bronte sisters (well, two of them actually, Anne's just popped out for a cup of sugar). Who is the Brontes' mysterious neighbour, Mr. Moorcock of Ravaged Heath House, and what does the maniacal laughter coming from his attic mean? Do unfulfilled souls really wander over the wild and heather-clad moors? Who should Cathy marry, Heathcliff or David Niven? ( from their web site)
Please take a look it is great  and there are podcasts to see them in action

I knew Sue and Maggie from Manchester days , their children were childminded by a neighbour so we reguarly got our kids together.

Anyway AJ and I were feeling sad ( puting it mildly) at the news we had had and AJ said she would understand if I wanted to cancel, I thought for a mili second and decided no  so AJ came over woth Billy in tow . We had  lasagne as requested by AJ and then off to the theatre , it did not dissapoint and we had a good laugh. Just wish Trish could see it and give her somnething to laugh at .
I am sure that  there will be lits of laughter and tears over the coming months as people near and far share times with her . I know that when I visit at Easter I hope to have lots of laughter ( as long as it does not hurt to laugh)

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