Sunday, 13 March 2011

Spring has sprung

Ok this is my favourite time of the year. It is the time when the sun shines longer the night gets shorter we all know that but how else do I know that spring has sprung ( I am not going to get to complacent i know full well we could have more snow and the Jack frost still    leaves his mark some mornings)

The first sign I observed was the sound of croaking frogs , and this means one thing frogspawn

Next I saw the crocus  such tiny flowers hidden amongd the overgrown plants.

Then there are the various buds that ar showing themselves.
Clematis and Dogwood ( this reminds I must tidy my shed area )

Next the minature Lilac

twisted Willow that had outgrown AJ's pot

and peony

What would spring be without a primrose or two this has been in my garden for about 9 years it was a gift from Hannah for Mothers day from the plant sale at school.

Daffodils with their  striking trumpets
I have a confession  this picture is not what it seems I picked the flower to face the right way round and  because I needed it for a phot shoot I have done ( more about that later)

I can not remember what this plant is called but it was a gift from Linda Mullin

I have noticed that many of the colours in my garden are yellow such a spring colour and a reminder that the lazy hazy days of summer are not so far away.
Then there are the birds flitting and tweeting here there and everywhere as the partner up to create the next generation

And that is it for now as I have to go and hang the washing out  another sign that spring has sprung.

And finally

“God of changing seasons, thank you that the frost of winter has melted into the colors and songs of spring. May all enjoy the beautiful weather and find inspiration, relaxation, and fun in Your world from gardening to walking drying washing and mowing the lawn Bless all Your creation, Lord, that it may glorify Your name by its beauty, this spring and always. Amen.“

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H said...

I hear the blackbird atop the leylandii, singing his little heart out! Yep, spring is here!