Thursday, 21 July 2011

Moving on

Well I am not moving but the year 6 children are.
Today they did their performance forthe school and their parents. What a talented bunch of children.
It took me back to when Becky, Liz and Chris left Primary school . The last song that they sung was this one below.

Even now if I hear it it makes me well up . Seeing the year sixes today reminded me again of how quickly our children do grow up.
And very soon we will have the next generation of  Cooks. By Mid January we should have welcomed Chris and Gemma's first child into the family , I am so excited to meet him or her , to see what has been passed down through the generations.
They have been busy compiling a family tree going back 8 generations , just imagines the stories those generations could tell.
Well thats it for today just a bit of nostalga .

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H said...

Our year 6s left today too. Always a sad/happy time.

Congratulations to Chris. How exciting!