Sunday, 10 July 2011

Update from this end

Ok well its been a while since I last posted so here goes.

For starters I am sure you have noticed my new layout. I love changing the layout depending on the season or celebration leelou-blogs has a great web site and I am allways able to find a free template.
I have also spent time trying to organise the most followed blogs into categories this still needs work.

Work is coming to an end for this academic year and I am looking forward to a 6 week holiday.

The dictionary deffinition of holiday is:
period of leisure: a period of time free from work or usual activity and given over to leisure and enjoyment

So this does not mean I will be going and slumbering in the sun somewhere exotic. For me this means spending a week with my God mother is Essex , A week with my daughter Liz in Leeds. A few days with AJ , some time in the garden, loft and general house sorting . I also hope to fit a day or too in Oswestry with James and Susie plus a visit to Manchester . And yes I am hoping that fuel prices PLUMMET
I also want to fit in sewing projects so will be packing my sewing stuff and taking with me on my week long visits.
I will also be looking into the portfolio I need to create for the playwork Diploma.
And anything else that crops up.
This would all be made perfect if there was good weather but to be honest being with special people is the most important thing.

An exciting challenge I am starting tomorrow is

Go to fullsize image

I came accross this idea whilst looking at .momstoolbox if interested take a peak.

I am making no promises just going to do my best .

Family news

I guess the most exciting event of the year so far is that Christopher and Gemma are expecting their first child and my first Grandchild. The baby is due on January 6th . According the app I have downloaded the baby is at present the size of a lemon.

We are on a countdown to Elizabeth and James's wedding on May 19th

Becky and Carl have made great leaps and bounds in their garden due to the combined talents of AJ  and Mel & Linda.

Hannah and Tom are progressing nicely on their chosen careers paths.

And Adam is sunning himself on Spain
SO as you can see busy busy busy .

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