Friday, 16 September 2011

The latest news

I know that there are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour , 24 hours in a day  etc etc , but could sombody please explain to me why the days and weeks are flying by.

It does not seem 5 minutes since Chris and Gemma got married,  that was nearly 10 months ago and today as I type they are now around 16 weeks away from having their first child .

Liz and James are just less than 8 months away from their wedding .

Hannah and Tom are in Turkey on the much talked about holiday .

And Becky and Carl are carrying on with their home renovations. Becky still producing fab cakes and Carl reining for Triathlons.

Speaking of which here are some pics of the last one Carl and James took part on , we all went to support with a scrummy picnic.


The support team  Tops designed by Liz, not sure where Gemma was

                                                                          Garden Update

I can not beleive that Christmas is only 14 weeks away and already we are discussing who is doing what when.

Adam is again as I type at Manchester City college being interviewed for a course fingers crossed.

I had noticed  ( how could I miss it ) that the front path was getting smaller
so after a number of days when I said" I am going to do it today "
last Saturday the rain held of and the sun shone

The results are as above.
I also phoned a number of friends and offered them grass seedlings , 4 friends now have the makings of a grasses bed

A sure sign of Autumn is that Hannah and Tom have dismantled the trampoline now for the grass to recover.

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