Sunday, 16 October 2011

Something from the weekend

At the moment there is not really much difference between Monday to Friday or the weekend .
 As I am starting my next week of post op recovery the one thing that has distinguished the two parts of  the week has been the Rugby World cup.

I am amazed at how engrossed I have been into the games. I have made a startling discovery over the last couple of weeks tho. Any team I want to win looses. Firstly there was England  and then yesterday Wales so today I am not voicing my hopes surfice to say the Haka is brilliant.

It seems as injuries are a great part of rugby and not just at the world cup level either. Yesterday Hannah had a call from Chris to collect him as he had injured his ankle playing the wonderful game.

After a quick trip to Shrewsbury A&E  and an tubigrip and crutches it seems thankfully there is no break. A return visit on Tuesday will confirm the diagnosis.

A quick phone call from Liz to check on how to make cauliflower cheese  and that really summed up my weekend .

Obviously I have the rest of Sunday to fill yet , but I am fairly sure that today will be filled with sewing  christmas gifts.

I have to say I am really enjoying being creative in deciding and makiking gifts obviously I can't  put pictures on as it would give the game away to any recipients who might pop by.

Well thats all folks time to catch up with the game 

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H said...

Ouch! Poor Chris! I hope it really is only a sprain, not a break.