Friday, 2 December 2011

Alphabet Thursday D is for ..........


Hurrah it is December this means that I can officially start listening to Christmas music and watch Christmas themed films ( oops watched some already)

But more importantly I can start to decorate the house .
This week I am only sharing one picture with you and that is of Moose.

Moose Joined our family last week, He originally was a much treasured gift from My Aunt Pat to her wonderful sister Jean . Back in 1995 AJ went to Spokane for Christmas  and whilst out shopping with Aunt PAt she spotted moose and fell in love with him. Unfortunately they could not buy the display model and there were no more to be had.
Unbeknown to AJ Aunt Pat went and bought one after Christmas and Moose made the long journey to AJ intime for Christmas 1996, he has been swinging around on his parachute every Christmas since then .
Last week AJ gave him to me and he is now swinging in my window and was the first decoration I put up. I know he wont be with me for long as he has a special journey to make in the future but for now it feels that a  little part of Aunt Pat is with me.
This willbe a very hard Christmas for my stateside family as the gather together to celebrate this special time for the first time without their Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother  but I know as they decorate their houses there will be reminders around of the  wonderful person that she was

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Ames said...

How cute Tracy! Can't wait to see your deco pics!~Ames

anitamombanita said...

He's way cute... my brother gave me a Hanukkah moose a few years ago...he has his own sled... yours kind of reminds me of him. They're probably cousins... LOL

Steph said...

It's so dear how special love and special memories can be connected with gifts and decorations. I hope this Christmas is full of sweet memories for you family. What a thoughtful, tender post.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Cute parachuting moose and even more special since it is tied to your aunt.

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!
Blessings & Aloha!

KDL said...

What a sweet moose. I love all of the family memories tied up in holiday decorations. As we put up our tree I realized that some of our ornaments are about 40 years old, hand-painted by my mom when my brother was a toddler, and handed down to me when our oldest was born. I will treasure them always, and probably divide them among my children as they begin their own families...

Jenny said...

What a delightful moose!

Such a happy holiday decoration!

Isn't it wonderful how certain things are infused with the spirit and the memory of holidays past?!?

Thanks for a deliciously sentimental link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter D.