Friday, 1 June 2012

A fresh start

I feel like I am making my confession for not blogging , I am not I have just not really wanting to share much and Blogger has changed and I have only just worked out how to use it. I am blaming all the painkillers.

Life here is Shropshire is plodding on slowly with me following behind even more slowly.
I am still using crutches but allowed to cruise around the house without them.

The one advantage of not being able to work is that I have been able to spend more
quality time with my adorable grandson Harry .
Harry is now 5 months old and attempts to play peek boo.
He smiles when he sees me now, and is growing well weighing in at 15lb 7oz.

The other thing that has been amazing is that Elizabeth and James got married on May 19th.
The weather was not brilliant but it did stay dry
It was fantastic to have 14 descendants from my grandparents there.
This was achieved by Chelsea Rachel and Ben flying in from USA , Nikki Mya and Keira coming down from Carlisle, Robert driving from Southampton and the rest of us arriving in Yorkshire.

The next family gathering is on  June 17th when we gather to witness and celebrate the baptism of Harry.

Till the next time bye


H said...

Congratulations to Lizzie and James!

Hope your recovery continues smoothly :)

Jenny said...

Harry is totally adorable! And congratulations to the lovely bride and groom.

I hope you're on the mend a little more each day.

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