Thursday, 29 May 2008

The Hunter Cat

OK what on earth can this have to do with me

being woken up at 3am?

OK a clue add this to the equation and you might begin to work it out.

When Tibbles is kept in at night she still feels the urge to hunt, now in this instance it was a leather coaster, it could however be a random feather, hair bobble in fact anything that can be moved and carried will suffice.

OK on a more interesting note. well actually that was it except to say the sun is now shining rain has gone. Just off to walk the dogs.
Last night a mammoth pile of ironing was dealt with.
Family news

It sounds so convincing that she has a live catch that we do tread carefully.

OK More from the Family

Becky & Carl still excited about extension had a fantastic time in Malta.

Liz is really looking forward to her Uni ball on Friday getting the spray tan done today. She will be home Monday for a couple of weeks.

Chris been helping Gemma move into her home since Saturday.Got dragged to See Sex in The city last night ( bet he enjoyed it really) there were only 3 other males in the cinema.

Hannah enjoying her week off supposedly revising but who knows what goes on behind closed doors. Tom is arriving today and tomorrow they scrounging a lift with Chris & Gemma to Alton Towers.

Ian is off to Caerphilly today until tomorrow

And Me well have just got back from dog walk to fav place with a couple of neighbours and 6 kids , lots of happy wet children.

Off shopping now.

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