Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Snakes Monkeys and Friends

Wow what a weekend. Dirk & Louise have been here since Monday seem to have had a great time. yesterday went to Stapely water gardens and visited the Palm house . This houses snakes, frogs Iguanas etc plus monkeys and small sharks oh and the cutest Meerkats.
That is about all we managed due to the extremely horrid weather. Rain Rain & more rain.

There were also some lovely tropical plants as well.

Well Dirk & Louise left this morning and it was straight onto the domestic side of life. yes you guessed washing and bed making after visitors Oh I know how to live it up on holiday.

I was then invited round to Gemma's House (Chris's girlfriend) to welcome the two cats home they had been in the cattery since Feb.

So finally getting round to blog for they day before I settle down to an evening of ironing.

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