Friday, 23 May 2008

Long Weekend

Wow its nearly the end of May already, and time to celebrate a 3 day break, bit like our Spokane family, Happy Memorial weekend.

I am fortunate have all next week off for half term then only 7 weeks left , that means 35 days or 175 hours of class time.

We have a ha semi house full tonight , well from 4am when Becky and Carl return from Malta. It will be good to catch up and celebrate her birthday as well.

Tomorrow we have a Eurovision song contest party you either fall into the love it or hate it category. Ian hates it I love it as does my friend Alex who is co hosting with me.

The theme is obviously Eurovision with optional fancy dress. Oh and something European to nibble on.

And then on Monday we have Dirk and Louise, Elliot 8, Jacques 16 months and Theo 4 weeks staying for 2 nights.

We also have to fit in on Sunday the canal carnival where Chris is taking part in a canal boat pull wearing a Toga ( pics will be taken).

And then Monday its carnival day and again an opportunity to see Chris on the rugby float with his spray on tan and having an Hawaiian beech party.

So as you can see a quiet weekend for us. The most annoying thing is that Aunt Jean sent me an email about David Austin Roses open weekend bother I would like to have done that but there is no time.

Tootsie Purrfecting her revision skills.Amazingly she can read upside down.
Well I am off to work now. Have a great weekend everyone will post again soon.

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Kathe said...

Sounds like tons of fun, give my love to all the family! Your american cousin will be celebrating Memorial Day weekend working, but off monday to Two Rivers Casino and Campground with Mom and Dad. A little R&R and penny machines!!