Tuesday, 20 May 2008

So far so good so I thoughtt

Well I am not sure what has happened but I have done 2 blogs saved them to tweak and now they are lost in cyber space.

Oh well life goes on.

I am on my half day today so get a bit longer to play and then do some dreaded house work.

Two weeks today and I get to go for my interview can't wait. Have to spend the holiday online swatting up.

I thought for the next few days I will introduce the Family to you I know you know them but they have changed and are doing different things now. Oh yes and had a short chat with Aunt Jean last night she hopes to move into her fab new cottage on May 29th.

This was taken before anything had happened in side or out so will update when I see it next week. When finished it will be the most darling little cottage with an enormous garden.

Any way here goes on us I am starting at the younger end

Hannah Francis Ianthe Cook

This was taken just as Hannah was leaving to go to a wedding as you can see by date 2 years ago. It is a picture I love.

This was on one of our dog walks together last Autumn.

I love to walk with the children individually it is a time to catch up with all that's going on in their lives . This obviously happens less now that they are all doing such different things.

And this is the love of her life Tom. They are coming up to their first anniversary. He fits in well with us all. And like Hannah seems to have a smile on his faced allot of the time.

This was the night it all started at The leavers prom. she looked stunning "Beauty Grandad wanted to go and make sure she was safe. Hannah managed to convince him that she would only drink lemonade and be home by 10pm Ha Ha she arrived home the next day .

I just had to include this photo where has the time gone. It's hard to believe but next year our baby is 18.

Hannah is having driving lessons at the moment and can not wait to be free to visit her friends when she wants , think it will be more when she can afford to the rate petrol is going up.

Right now she is in the middle of exams then its the start of year 13 and the search for a uni . At the moment Hannah is looking at doing a social work degree.

On a Monday Hannah helps with the Rainbow Guide group that I run the children love her.

As I am sure you know Last year Hannah had to have loads of tests for various problems but thankfully she passed them all and is now all clear just will have to have heart scans regulalrly and has to abstain from tattoos and body piercings.

Oh and just found the two lost blogs .

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Rach said...

Tracy! I didnt know you had a blog. Just found it off Krista's. I also didnt know you had so many wonderful pets. Wish Chels and I could have some here, but, NY isnt the best place for that.
Just wanted to let you know Im reading!