Monday, 19 May 2008

A new week

Wel what can I say you now have been introduced to the cutie members of the family. Who a bit like Cooper always seem to be doing something funny. Now to the bigger memebers.

Today is the turn of Becky or Rebecca Beryl Eileen as her birth certificate says. Becky turns 23 on Thurs same day as her cousin turns 26 ( where have those years gone) .

I can not possibly write this without including Carl. This was taken at Carl's graduation last year.

Becky & Carl have been married now for nearly 10 months where has that time gone? This time last year I was worrying that i did not have a dress.

At this point I was going to add some pics but for some reason it's not playing the game.

At the moment they are both in Malta hopefully getting some well deserved rest. Carl is working at Stoke six form college something to do with IT he loves it.

Becky is working in a care home in Congleton and hates it. She loves the residents but is not happy about the way they are cared for. She has said she would allow anyone she knows to live there.

Last week they got planning permission for an extension to their home, this will give them a bigger kitchen and family room downstairs and up stairs 2 more bedrooms one with en suite and a study. This work should start before the end of the summer. Ian is overseeing it all so hopefully they won't get ripped off.

They have an addition to their family she is called Emerald "Emmy for short" she is an extremely fat black cat who was rescued well re homed by the cattery that Aunt Jean uses.

Emmy is lovely she goes to diet club once a month and has lost I think 100gr. Its OK for her she can't raid the fridge, open the cookie jar or go buy chocolate Oh to be a cat .

Well I guess that's all about Boo and Carl.

Off to work now

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