Friday, 16 May 2008

Yee Ha it's Friday

Well today is time for me to introduce you to Tootsie. Tootsie is Tibbles twin they are about as alike as chalk and cheese.

Now Tootsie or Twirly Tail ( she has spina Bifida according to the vet) is the most loving cat, unless you accidentally rub her tummy then you have one scratched hand.

Her favourite mode of entry to the house is by her own personal door AKA Christopher's bedroom window. This was taught to her by the previous resident of that bedroom Elizabeth. When the time comes for wanting to come in if the window is shut she taps on it with her her head, if you ignore that she goes into her I AM HERE LET ME IN NOW miaowing. It never fails.

We used to think that she was not a hunter but alas that myth was dispelled when one day when Tibbles had been shut in the utility room overnight with the dogs a dead mouse appeared.

Well it seems a bit sad really but I have been unable to find any more photos of Tootsie I know they are around but have run out of time to hunt for them.

Family News

Ian arrived home safe from his 2 days away

Becky and Carl got planning permission for their home extension

Liz got 66% in her last essay

Chris enjoyed helping on Rugby float for the town carnival at the end of May and also went to the fair with Gemma they both won teddies for each other

Hannah had the day revising

And me well I did not really do much except make the wonderful baked fish recipe that Aunt Pat showed me. It was loved by all .

Well that's all for now

Have a great weekend

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