Thursday, 15 May 2008

Animal member 2

This is Tilly she is the scruffiest dog ever. Tilly came to us in Sept 2005. She allegedly had to be re homed as the owner was going into a flat. Our opinion is that she was to hyperactive and family did not want her. As you know I work with special needs children and I would say that she has ADHD !!!!!!

When she joined our family aged 9 months she was not used to being loved she did not know the meaning of any words and could not spell. Now we have a dog who is almost human ( in her mind) and knows what WALKIES spells.

Her favourite word is CATS that means that one of the cats is doing something naughty and Tilly or Penny (more about her next time) are allowed to run towards them this normally deters the cat from scratching the wall or furniture.

She has the ability to be given a treat and it not touch the sides of her mouth no matter what the size.

She knows that when Ian is around she has to mind her Ps and Qs as he does not tolerate her play fullness.

Her favourite sleeping position is on anybodies bed flat on back with legs in air ( so refined don't you think? )

When on a walk she is amazing at getting the ball from Penny who refuses to give it up . she just goes up and takes it from her mouth.

This is her other fav place lying on the sofa well she is not allowed on sofa but Chris and Tilly have worked out that if she lies on him lying on the sofa then she can't get told off as she is not actually touching the sofa. Needless to say Ian was not around at the point of this pic being taken.

This would have to be Tilly's most favourite place in the whole world in the river at Buntingsdale. Again when we got her she did not know about water nore chasing sticks but now try getting her out. On this walk there are 4 places that she can get into the water and she goes into everyone at the end she normally looks like a drowned rat.

Well I guess this is the last photo of Tilly ( we have hundreds ) She had decided she wanted to come in so got onto garden chair to see why we had not opened the door. This was taken after one of her trips to the groomers.

Oh I forgot about this cute one. Oh yes and she is called Blue star as she has one blue eye and one brown one.

Well now you have been introduced to pet number 2 .

Life here is quiet at the moment Liz went back to Uni yesterday , Chris is at work and Hannah is busy revising for exams. Ian is away on a training course and I am about to do some house work before going to work for 12pm.

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